Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dianna Agron’s Long Locks are No More!

Ok! So what’s up with Dianna Agron’s new hairdo? Don’t be puzzled guys! I am not asking you to answer this!
Instead, I am trying to find it out myself.
Some might love it, while some might be disappointed to know that Dianna, the Quinn Fabray of Glee, has cut short her hair.
Well, talking about her new style-statement, the actor has gone for a new hairdo, cropping her hair, quite short.
She even shared the video of her new hairstyle with her fans.
But then, was this change a demand of the show’s upcoming episode? Or, she just got bored of flaunting them?
Whatever the reason be, the bottom line is that she is sporting a totally new and funky look now, with short hair actually suiting her!
However, being her fan, I really feel bad that she donated her lovely and bouncy locks to her hair-stylist.
Well, I will download Glee to see Dianna sporting her lovely locks! Apart from that, I don’t have any other option left to see her in her old look.
I must also add that she is looking super cute, and is pulling off her new looks pretty well!
Till then, keep enjoying the show that would soon see the finale of its second season. In the wake of this recent development, it is quite a mystery if Dianna will appear with her new looks in the upcoming Glee episodes, or sport a wig!