Thursday, 30 June 2011

Rivera’s Singing Talent will Finally Come to the Forefront!

It’s been long that we have been witnessing Naya Rivera's singing cameos in Glee. Now, it’s time to lend ears to her dulcet voice in her soon-to-be-released solo album!

Yes! The talented vocalist will soon be crooning for her solo album, awaited by her fans!

Senior Vice President of A&R at Columbia records, Theresa Labarbera Whites, has given the green signal to Naya’s entry into the studios, where she will be recording the songs.

That’s great! Congrats, Naya!

I am eagerly waiting to see you don an all new singing avatar, and entertaining us with your melodious harmonies!

In fact, I would want to watch Glee episodes (older ones), particularly those in which you sang and entertained the show fans.

Most of us had reckoned you to be a girl with great caliber, a reflection of which we saw in this show. Such praises are compelling me to Download Glee episodes and catch up with the ones, in which you sprinkled the magic of your voice.

And, as for your future venture, all the very best! Since you are all set to acquaint us with your different side, we are looking forward for you to fit in the shoes of a soulful singer!

Well, guys, this was about her singing talent! But, for those not in the know, she is an adept writer as well, who has been penning her thoughts since the age of 15.

Wow! What a package you are! Hope you grow in leaps and bounds, Naya!

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