Monday, 6 June 2011

So…Are Dianna Agron and Sebastian Stan an Item?


Does Dianna Agron need any introduction guys?

For, she is one of the most active club members in Glee. Well, what’s new in that?

Hang on! A newest buzz environing Dianna Agron is awaiting you!

You might be surprised to learn, but, the cherubic actor has been spotted getting ‘up close and personal’ with Sebastian Stan, the handsome hunk from the Gossip Girl star, Sebastian Stan.
Ok! So, is this the reason that Dianna Agron has been keeping real busy these days? Might be! Anyway, you just can’t overlook the fact that the lady is busy due to her pre-occupations with Glee tour as well.
(For your info, get the Glee download to watch some behind-the-scenes occurrences reflecting a lot about her recent tour.)
Getting back to the news, what about her link-up with Alex Pettyfer? Oh, I forgot! Both of them called it quits recently!

However, taking a dig at Sebastian Stan, he is not behind when the discussion of past relations sparks! Even he chipped off with Leighton Meester, (another stunning star from Gossip Girl) last year.
But, the latest talk of the town is that of the two hotties, Dianna Agron (catch her while you download Glee) and Sebastian Stan, who’re hitting the headlines for their ongoing affair.
Well, hearty congratulations to both of you!
But, I have a doubt! I heard that Alex Pettyfer, Dianna’s ex fiancée pitted against Sebastian, when the former spotted the latter two getting cozy with each other.
Is it true?
Don’t know much about that, but one thing is sure as shooting; Dianna’s fling with Sebastian has definitely provoked Alex. And, what’s with Leighton Meester? Has she moved on?
There are no comments from her over the same, but I guess, if the two (Dianna Agron and Sebastian Stan) of them are happy with each other, you should let them be Alex. For, true love does need some sacrifices. (If at all you are bothered)
Rest, all we can say is all the best to all four of you!
Hope you all excel in your personal as well as professional lives.

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